Recent stories from people encountering God at South Eastern Christian Centre – may the list grow as God keeps moving!

  • Prayed for an elderly woman with dementia who awoke free of pain and talking for the first time in weeks.
  • Prayed for a woman with chronic neck and shoulder pain which was completely healed.
  • An elderly lady in tears hunched in pain straightened up pain-free through prayer.
  • A group of young adults prayed for a long-term back complaint which was instantly healed.
  • Prayed for a woman with elbow pain; completely gone.
  • Had a word of knowledge about shoulder pain; two men responded and were immediately healed.
  • Prayed for a woman’s two-year arthritis problem; neck and arm completely healed and arm able to be lifted for first time.
  • Businessman short on work, hitting tough times; prayed for him and saw an immediate increase in new contracts.
  • Prayed for dozens of people in Lae, PNG, who all later affirmed as healed – vision, asthma, backs, joints.
  • Kids announced healings needs revealed by God in two services; all responded and all were healed!
  • Lady healed at home at the moment her husband asked for prayer; then he was healed, too.
  • Lady healed of neck pain after feeling a physical hand of healing on here when no-one was touching.
  • Prayed for a person with twelve months of physical pain and sleeplessness – no pain and sleeping soundly.
  • Prayed for elbow pain which was healed with unrestricted movement.
  • Prayed for Michael’s wrist which had given long-standing pain and he was completely healed.
  • Prayed for a person with long-term pain in her ankles – no more pain!
  • Great to see a dozen recent Sri Lankan immigrants receive Christ as Saviour, prepare for baptism & be excited about answers to prayer.
  • Two teenagers baptised and sharing inspiring stories of life change and a desire to follow Christ.
  • Had a word of knowledge re foot problem – a person responded and has no more pain.
  • Had a word of knowledge re a current pain in the side of the stomach and a person responded for prayer and was healed immediately.
  • Had a word of knowledge re dizziness and a lady with vertigo for 20 years responded for prayer and was healed.
  • Prayed for a lady’s sore elbow. Had her praise God for the start of the healing. Came back excited later lifting with it and pain free!
  • Great to see several healings as church members stepped out and prayed following two weeks of prayer and fasting.
  • A child healed of a long-term illness when prayed for along with her mother who then got a new job.
  • Prayed for a lady’s ongoing stomach condition and she was immediately pain free.
  • Shirley-Ann’s shoulder miraculously healed after months of pain.
  • Two people healed of back pain after Romeo had earlier felt God reveal this to him.
  • A person just discovering Christ prayed for her kids’ to sleep well; eight hours sleep for all of them for the first time, that night.
  • A businessman gave money to Christian causes under conviction from God and then his business started booming.
  • Julie prayed for a guy in ongoing pain who was completely healed.
  • People immediately healed of knee, back and breathing problems during my visit to South Africa through praying for them.
  • Gayle prayed for someone with terminal cancer one year ago and he’s free of cancer today.
  • Jason prayed for a family member’s blister and it was completely healed immediately.
  • A business person prioritising finances for God when there didn’t seem to be enough – the business took off!
  • Inspiring hearing of Rhonda praying for her sister and ringing after seeing a vision of her healed which was confirmed!
  • Awesome news about Sue and numerous others being healed during worship in services over recent weeks.
  • A muscular dystrophy patient woke without pain for the first time in 8 years after being prayed for.
  • Great seeing ‘unsolvable’ business problems evaporate by praying what God was revealing about it through the Bible.
  • How great seeing people find Jesus this year at SECC and have him break addictions by healing pain of the past.
  • God supernaturally revealed a street name in prayer for a stolen trailer – police found it right there!
  • 5 kids committing their lives to Jesus for the first time in SECC Kidex and other kids reconnecting with God.
  • Multiple young adults filled with the Spirit and speaking with other tongues as in Acts 2.
  • Supernatural insight re specific leg and hand injuries – people responded, we prayed…all instantly healed.
  • Leesa prayed for an ear problem of someone at work – totally healed!  Two others asked for prayer – they were healed too!
  • Frank prayed for a bypass patient booked in for a stent operation – went in to hospital, no trace of a problem!
  • Kayla started talking to a stranger at a bus stop, offered to pray for her injury – healed immediately.
  • Youth members spontaneously helping community people with garden blitzes.
  • One person walking several km to be at our occasional care program because the kid loves it so much here.
  • Several people re-committing their lives to Christ through conversations with church people and now secure for eternity.

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