Hearing God Daily

Click on this link, Hearing God, for a daily Bible reading program and explanation.

Believing that God speaks through His Word is one thing, but obeying Him as He speaks specifically about our lives is another. Yet this is a key characteristic of any true disciple of Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).

The daily habit of Bible reading and prayer can become much more than a discipline.  It helps us to know and love Jesus because we allow Him to speak to our daily world, our problems, our needs and our dreams.

Here’s an approach to doing this that has helped people the world over and has helped to solve business problems, relationship difficulties and overcome other hardships, as well as to just get fresh perspectives on life from the one who wrote the book!  It takes different forms and here is one that uses the key elements so that you, too, can PROCESS life with God (and it also incorporates the principles used in the familiar SOAP methods – Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer).

PPray. Pray as you prepare to read and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through one verse.

RRead. Read as much as you have time for, maybe just the New Testament chapter if time-challenged!

O – One. If journalling, write out the one verse that speaks to your need (or just meditate on what God might be saying with it).

CContext. What do you observe about the verse that is a significant principle or link to your life (in its context)?

E – Encounter. What action or attitude needs to change in response to your encounter with God’s Word?

SSpecific. Pray a specific prayer of commitment about what you will do and ask God’s help.

SSeek. Review your response each week and seek an accountability chat with someone who keeps you on task.

Why not try this approach to letting the Bible be more than just a book?  The same Spirit who wrote it can breathe fresh life into it as you allow it to be a vehicle through which you hear from God and respond to Him.  That’s what transforms religion into a relationship, and relationship with the God of Heaven is what we were created for.

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