How Good Coaching Promotes Greatness

coachingA few years ago, a book came out that was called A Few Things I’ve Learned Since I Knew It All. We live in an information-saturated age where it is perhaps too easy for people to assume their expertise, though all of us are still always learning – even relearning – in the light of new experiences. We have never ‘arrived’, but constantly adapt to a world that is changing around us. We continue to grow as we deal with blind spots, rather than have them deal with us! Coaching clearly helps make that work. Continue reading


Processing Tips for Information Junkies

Information_SignSo many people I speak to find it incredibly difficult staying on top of the sheer mass of great information that is at their fingertips. Any new insights, how-tos, summaries or paraphrases can seem attractive or potentially helpful, but they just won’t all get read. Podcasts can be more challenging, where they require a greater investment of time before their usefulness can be assessed. Feedly can helpfully collate your favourite news and blogs, and Pocket Casts can work to centralise your podcasting, but the information still needs managing. Here’s a few tips for better processing of resources that actually captures the best that they have to offer. Continue reading

Three Vital Insights from a Powerhouse Event

AS1More than just reading history, I love learning from it. For example, some great lessons are gained from a church in Los Angeles which, in 1906, birthed an explosion of revival that dispersed leaders and missionaries all over the world. Some of these have come from my reflections on Cecil Robeck’s Azusa Street Mission and Revival (and the accompanying photo came from my recent trip to the site). The Azusa Street Mission was led by an African-American, William Seymour, in times of deep racial prejudice but provided more lessons than those of revolutionary social equality for contemporary Christian worship. Here are just three crucial insights that still speak volumes today. Continue reading

The Single Biggest Threat to Emotional Wellbeing

seeMuch has been made of the power of vision in creating a motivator for focused living and achievement. Goals certainly sustain effort and intent. The ability to paint a picture of what is not yet seen can harness great human energy and empower large groups of people. But there is an insidious harm imposed on us more than ever before with a certain kind of vision that constricts more than it constrains. It has perhaps become the single greatest contributor to various forms of depression and an imposing thief of our resilience which is so essential to personal wellbeing. Continue reading

Trapped by Offence – Part 2

trap-4-290Yesterday we looked at the destructive power of offence. In Matthew 18:7, Jesus told us that it is impossible for offences not to come. We all get offended. However, not everyone handles their offence well. Some people get over their offence and others don’t. Every time we choose to hold on to hurts, they becomes like persistent thorns in our side. And what is the antidote? What allows us to really let it go? Let’s continue looking at some helpful strategies. Continue reading

Trapped by Offence – Part 1

trap-4-290While a husband was lying down, his wife came up and removed his glasses. She said, “Without your glasses on, you look great. Just like the young man I married.” He replied, “Without my glasses on, you look pretty good too!” Even when we’re a little more sensitive than this, it is easy to offend. It is also easy to be offended, and offence can rob us of valuable relationships and even ultimately rob God of … us! Proverbs 18:19 says that offended people are harder to win than a walled city. Offended people build their own walls after one attack too many has had them decide to avoid further intrusions. So, how can offence be overcome? Continue reading

Tech-Frazzle Time Out

Clock Reading Five O'ClockRidiculous hours are kept by most of us all too often due to juggling diverse responsibilities. It was never supposed to be this way. Remember the days when we were told that email would make our lives easier? What about when the advent of SMS was going to be a quick and cheap way of dealing with myriad tasks to ease the burden? Or when the newly-developed mobile phone was going to help us become more efficient (before we realised everyone else would also get efficient…at our expense)? Here’s a few keys that I reckon do work in helping us reclaim our world in the face of the stresses or pitfalls of “tech-frazzle”. Continue reading