Three Important Questions For Navigating Potential Change

The sigmoidal (or S-shaped) curve has been variously applied to the reinvention of organisations that find themselves levelling out.  When levels of success are plotted against the passage of time, it can chart growth and decline. This approach can also apply to individuals and the change they undergo in new seasons of life. The key to optimising such pathways is in understanding how best to respond to life as it unfolds. This can be aided by answering three important questions when we are considering change. Continue reading

How To Stand and Fight When You’re Down

One of the Bible’s classic texts on spiritual warfare is that of Ephesians 6:10-18, which outlines the armour available to every Christian. What is often missed, however, is the intentionality of the courageous stand that needs to be taken in the face of adversity when we least feel like being proactive. That stand is threefold and essential for every person who has responded to God’s offer of salvation. It helps us legally access spiritual victory and the promises that the Bible offers to God’s children. Continue reading

How to Keep Opinions from Undermining Teams

We are rightly taught to be free thinkers. Opinions can offer an individual voice of conscience that can help influence social change, temper recklessness, or even shape the future. Opinions can also be destructive. In the extreme, they can be so strong and alienating that they will undermine trust and fracture relationships. They may or may not be built on a healthy premise, but an unhealthy expression can also make them subtly offensive. Here are some important questions to ask when considering the impact of opinions and how to best handle them in others, so as to bring better overall team health. Continue reading

The Essential Keys to Forgiveness

LIBERATION DU CAMP DE CONCENTRATION DE RAVENSBRUCK 1945Corrie Ten Boom famously spent the last year of the war in the Ravensbruck concentration camp for women after her family was caught hiding Jews in their home. She lost her father shortly after their arrest and her sister died in the camp. Following a speaking engagement in 1947, she was approached by a former guard whom she recognised. He asked for the very forgiveness he had just heard her speaking about, having now become a Christian. Continue reading

A Simple Guide to Practical Decision Making

e4f88f_56cb72d7933d4622adf27c58aa57ee37Some specific approaches to decision making are implied in Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People but these can also be applied. His work derives from Dwight Eisenhower’s claim that what passes as urgent is not always the most important thing we will do. Mapping these two categories of decision can give us four simple self-commands that helpfully advance Covey’s work to help us organise our time and energy more efficiently. Continue reading

Practical Help for Christians who use Porn

TypeRecent research from the Barna Group shows, disturbingly, that one in seven pastors (and one in five youth pastors) have a current problem with pornography and more than half admit to having a problem at some time in the past. Porn is sadly used by more than two of every three Christian men (and three in four young adult Christian males) according to other studies. Statistical accuracy is difficult, though. Candid self-admissions are hard to obtain from Christians due to the stigma of sin. However, help is available and necessary (see below), given that porn use is so obviously problematic on numerous fronts. Continue reading

How Good Coaching Promotes Greatness

coachingA few years ago, a book came out that was called A Few Things I’ve Learned Since I Knew It All. We live in an information-saturated age where it is perhaps too easy for people to assume their expertise, though all of us are still always learning – even relearning – in the light of new experiences. We have never ‘arrived’, but constantly adapt to a world that is changing around us. We continue to grow as we deal with blind spots, rather than have them deal with us! Coaching clearly helps make that work. Continue reading

Processing Tips for Information Junkies

Information_SignSo many people I speak to find it incredibly difficult staying on top of the sheer mass of great information that is at their fingertips. Any new insights, how-tos, summaries or paraphrases can seem attractive or potentially helpful, but they just won’t all get read. Podcasts can be more challenging, where they require a greater investment of time before their usefulness can be assessed. Feedly can helpfully collate your favourite news and blogs, and Pocket Casts can work to centralise your podcasting, but the information still needs managing. Here’s a few tips for better processing of resources that actually captures the best that they have to offer. Continue reading

Three Vital Insights from a Powerhouse Event

AS1More than just reading history, I love learning from it. For example, some great lessons are gained from a church in Los Angeles which, in 1906, birthed an explosion of revival that dispersed leaders and missionaries all over the world. Some of these have come from my reflections on Cecil Robeck’s Azusa Street Mission and Revival (and the accompanying photo came from my recent trip to the site). The Azusa Street Mission was led by an African-American, William Seymour, in times of deep racial prejudice but provided more lessons than those of revolutionary social equality for contemporary Christian worship. Here are just three crucial insights that still speak volumes today. Continue reading