The Practicademy of Pentecost

Earth_Eastern_HemisphereMention oxymorons and people often trot out hackneyed favourites, such as “Microsoft Works” and “Advanced Basic.” Another obsolete offering is, “Pentecostal Scholar.” However, formal training within Charismatic contexts is rightly proliferating worldwide in optimising the impact and effectiveness of Pentecostal ministry. In addition to the benefit of informal and accredited programs in promoting vocational competence, higher education both informs and affirms such a faith expression as it honours the Word of Christ and the Christ of His Word. This synthesis invariably and inextricably presupposes the inspiration of the Spirit who invigorates the Church. Continue reading


Zuckered In

see no evilWhat does your Facebook page tell others about you? Mine didn’t say much until I got drawn – Zuckered – in to using it! As great as it is, though, some common traps can undermine Facebook’s benefits. It’s not that there’s necessarily much to be ashamed of in the postings (hopefully), but how much do we mention things that really matter? Have you considered whether your Facebook page presents you in the best light? Here’s a few considerations. Continue reading

My Good Vibrations

04b899351028bbb03fb423d8b1461a895d3e6883I’ve heard many views on different ‘greatest of all time’ lists; musicians, presidents, sports people, movies and … songs. How can someone possibly make an objective assessment on something so subjective? And by what criteria is any one song, for example, greater than another anyway. In a world of relativised standards, opinions on such matters will very much reflect the orientation of the hearer and just where they are ‘at’ at the time. And just as people might scoff at a pre-1950s song being discussed in a list of the greatest, offerings from the latter part of the twentieth century may also be laughably obsolete to the next (if not the current) generation. Continue reading

A Broken Hallelujah

200px-C_triad_svgLeonard Cohen’s popular song, “Hallelujah”, featured in the movie Shrek and has been covered many times. It speaks of King David composing his song of praise, but mentions him playing a ‘chord’ that pleased the Lord. A chord is often played with three notes, where these may be repeated in higher or lower octaves. I like to think of our lives being like a chord that pleases God, too, when all three dimensions of our being – body, soul and spirit – are applied to serving Him. Continue reading

Lessons from the “War Room”

WarRoomMoviePosterWar Room is a movie that many won’t see because of its limited screening at somewhat unfriendly times. It is, however, as inspiring as any viewer will allow it to be if accepting that there is a God who still answers prayer and calls us to bring even our most difficult problems to Him. What I particularly loved about the film was its avoidance of a simplistic portrayal of life and its clear presentation of some helpful keys to practising spiritual warfare which the Bible encourages all Christians to exercise. Here’s a few keys shown in the movie which enable effective prayer that increasingly gets results. Continue reading

Totalitarian School Yards

Young kids are ready for school. Education, family, learningParents often feel the weight of their kids’ shrinking worlds. We have so many schools preaching more tolerance than ever before, whilst kids nevertheless feel the intolerance of their peers if in minority groups. These relate to opinions more than ethnicity, today; social conditioning (and social media) influences opinions more than we often care to admit. Continue reading

Thou Shalt Commit Adultery? Which Bible?

bibleMany people continue to argue passionately about which translation of the Bible is the most accurate. The implications of any allegations of potential corruption or conspiracy in some versions necessarily engender hot debate about which text represents the true Word of God. After all, the Bible is the final authority on life for millions around the world. Irrespective of differences over interpretation, it would seem fair to determine the right starting point for any discussions about its meaning or application. Continue reading