Why ‘The Case for Christ’ is a ‘Must See’

The Case for Christ is a movie currently screening in cinemas and based on a multi-million-selling book of the same name. It tells the story of a former journalist from a large Chicago daily newspaper, Lee Strobel, who attempts to apply his professional skills to discrediting the newfound faith of his wife. Instead, he discovers that the evidence he examines is compelling proof of the Biblical account of Jesus. The ending is about as inevitable as the sinking of the boat in Titanic, so why is this dubbed by some as the best Christian film ever made? Continue reading

Answering Tough Questions – Part 1

There are many questions put to Christians in an attempt to throw them off. I’m all for answering questions sincerely, but sometimes they are not sincerely asked. Nevertheless, most atheists have asked them at some stage and insufficient responses don’t exactly encourage people to find faith. Here are some brief answers to the first five of ten of the most-asked questions. Answering them could make an ‘other-world’ of difference. Continue reading

How To Stand and Fight When You’re Down

One of the Bible’s classic texts on spiritual warfare is that of Ephesians 6:10-18, which outlines the armour available to every Christian. What is often missed, however, is the intentionality of the courageous stand that needs to be taken in the face of adversity when we least feel like being proactive. That stand is threefold and essential for every person who has responded to God’s offer of salvation. It helps us legally access spiritual victory and the promises that the Bible offers to God’s children. Continue reading

True Love in an Alabaster Box

In John 12:1-8, we are told of Jesus being honoured by one of his friends, Mary of Bethany. One of several biblical Marys, she was the sister of the resurrected Lazarus and of Martha (who speaks to us in Luke 10:38-42 of the priority of relationship over service). She shows us how, rather than just securing our relationship with God in the first place, we can enjoy it thereafter. Similarly, a man might quickly woo a woman without knowing how to love her for life. Any Christian needs Mary’s insights to better live a life that demonstrates unconditional love of God, too, so as to make a transforming difference in our world. Continue reading

Never Yet Met ‘Em

There’s little else that supposedly upsets people in churches as much as talk about money. Really? It was spoken about by Jesus more than just about any other subject, probably because it so easily gets a hold on us. Consumerism is the “love of money” which 1 Timothy 6:10 says is the root of all evil, drawing us away from Christ, and it is surely as rife today as ever. What money can do or buy can unsuspectingly draw us into seemingly innocent interests that subtly conspire against the centrality of God in our lives. Let me illustrate, though, by telling you about the four kinds of Christians that I’ve never yet met in churches. Continue reading

Good News Again

Last week, I posted on the progressive de-Christianisation of Australia. The article was published in several places and drew extensive comment in one of these. Responses were polite and well-considered, but centred on the idea that we are now a post-Christian nation and that Christian values are optional in what has become a secular and multi-cultural society. Of course, that assessment involves a choice. Christianity has not really been tried and found wanting, though, it has mostly been untried. Here’s why faith built on a relationship with God, and not the imperfect religious forms that contain it, is still thoroughly believable and essential today. Continue reading