Combatting Coronavirus Conspiracies

Fortunately, there are few people who deny the existence of COVID-19 which has claimed many lives and made others desperately ill. Although conspiracy theorists usually accept that coronavirus is contagious, some have perpetuated real fear around its management. But is the common enemy the virus or the government? Here’s a fresh look at eight key claims or questions that are often raised. Continue reading

‘All Lives Matter’?

A popular response to the recent anti-racism slogan, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ is that ‘All Lives Matter.’ Well, of course they do. But that misses the point entirely and it causes further harm. ‘Black Lives Matter’ because all lives matter. And when people of different backgrounds to myself feel that they aren’t treated equitably, my response needs to be one of compassion, one that listens, one that is quick to empathise. Continue reading

Toward a Post-COVID-19 Church

Is the global church simply responding to a passing season or evolving into something entirely new? Barna research revealed (on a May 20 U.S. broadcast) that, despite the initial rush to online services, one third of practising Christians had not engaged with an online service at all in the past four weeks. (Just over half were streaming their own church, one third were visiting others, and one quarter were viewing multiple services, whereas one third were watching at alternative times to Sundays). What can we say about the prognosis for churches with any confidence in the face of such an alarming finding? Continue reading

Your voice of faith amidst Covid-19

With the Coronavirus landscape shifting again, readjustment is needed for community connections. Meetings are being forced to happen via Zoom or Google Hangouts. Germany’s public gathering limit is down to just two, perhaps a foretaste of what is coming up on Australia. What does this all mean for church’s voice beyond offering an initial online experience? Continue reading

The Truth About Why Jesus’ Death Matters

The nature of Jesus’ redemptive work is, of course, crucial to understanding its application. It has sometimes been described as the ‘at-one’-ment by which people are joined in relationship to God. The mechanism of this reconciliation, though, makes the Atonement more multi-faceted than the simplistic picture we gain from isolated theories put forward to explain it. Easter only makes sense when Jesus’ death does, and here’s why it matters more than just gaining a four-day weekend. Continue reading

Your Best Christmas Gift

The original Christmas story begins with the promise from an angel that Mary would become the earthly mother of Jesus. This is significant because Jesus was and is God’s gift to us, one needing to be unwrapped, and therefore appreciated, by every person. He is not just God’s gift to the world but to every individual. Here’s three reasons why He becomes everyone’s best Christmas gift. Continue reading

A Hero Without Equal

When the greatest event of history is about to be celebrated this weekend, it seems remarkable that so much else is dominating news headlines. Cricket’s ball tampering scandal unfolding in South Africa is one such example. It offers an intriguing contrast to the Easter story. At a time when role models are placed on pedestals from which they too easily fall, Jesus remains the timeless hero of history. Continue reading

The Aussie Legacy of Billy Graham

Billy Graham died yesterday, aged 99. Perhaps the most influential church figure of the twentieth century, many still suggest today that their pursuit of Christian ministry was due to his impact. Graham still holds the record for the highest attendance at the Melbourne Cricket Ground which put his March 1959 crowd at 143,750. It is estimated that he preached to more than 200 million people worldwide. Some fascinating aspects of his Australian legacy offer enduring keys to ministry success. Continue reading

Why Christmas Matters

I find that Christmas provides a perfect opportunity for me to share my faith with others. A majority of Australians still identifying as Christians, according to the recent census. I have argued in previous years that any offence over Christmas carols or references to Jesus are usually taken on behalf of others who are not usually offended. We can overthink caution or aversion, but here’s three reasons why Christmas still matters and should be celebrated intentionally and positively. Continue reading