An App for That

As a musician, I used to think that poetry was just a waste of good song lyrics. Perhaps I’ve learned now to appreciate more creative diversity, but my feeble attempts at writing poetically show I might yet have some way to before I master this art. If rhyming qualifies, though, then I just might be able to pull out the thesaurus and begin. So here goes. A few reflections on how technology has changed us.

When a driver was a golf club and hardware meant some nails,
Forgetting important dates were our only memory fails.

Keyboards were on pianos, cursors had a filthy mouth,
A tablet was what you took when your health was going south.

A mouse was just a rodent, and the web was kind of sticky,
A flash drive meant a sports car which to find was pretty tricky.

A program was on the telly, and a virus meant the flu,
A hard drive was the holiday trip for the family and you.

Mail came in letterboxes, and files were full of paper,
Applications were for jobs, a serious kind of caper.

We bought our goods in shops and our news was in the Age,
Our paypal was the guy at work who meant we’d get our wage.

In a world that’s ruled by gadgets our lives are now infected,
The problem is connectedness is now more disconnected.

But when our life has ended and we leave this world behind,
It’s then our values are exposed to show what shaped our mind.

We can’t be sure our future will not leave us falling flat,
But wait, I’ll bet they’ve got an app that surely will fix that!

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