Four Levels of Team Health – Part 2

LeadershipA consultant can help to promote team success by proactively ask questions that don’t just leave matters to chance or presumption. As discussed in past posts, integrity connects right actions to right values. People can claim to act with integrity according to their own values, even biblical ones, but if these values are not shared across a team there will be complex ramifications. Incidents often need speedy intervention as any emotional impact will be exacerbated in teams. Addressing four pairs of key issues will take teams through levels of increased harmony and productivity. Here are two more.

  1. Connection and tactics. Results and overall team performance are maximised as connections deepen. Relationships can stay within professional boundaries, but are accompanied by enhanced commitment to vision and values. People believe in each other and develop strategic partnerships for multiplied effectiveness. This promotes shared ownership for ultimate team success.
  2. Cohesion and transcendence. Teams that are purposefully engaged with deep rapport and respect will be secure enough to evolve. Individual interests are subordinated to a cohesive community culture that sees people rise to levels of influence and sacrifice not previously known. New teams and new projects sometimes emerge as people inspire each other to be released with fresh vision.

Churches keep team direction centred on a missional mandate which is biblically centred. Team ownership of such vision aligns people to consider each other’s interests (Philippians 2:1-4). Seeing the best in them leads to seeking the best for them. However, external voices are often needed to release the potential for teams to function optimally. Consultancy brings independence and metrics to the discussion table and unblock what may not be working, or what may not be working best.


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