Four Levels of Team Health – Part 1

LeadershipConsultancy is an essential tool for growth in teams, due to the complex array of connections that are impacted upon by differing interests, interpretations and interactions. Blind spots, misunderstandings of intent and even self-deception in the most well-meaning of individuals can devastate teams. People are shaped by experiences that result in consequences within teams that will often need pinpointing by incisive and independent voices. There are four key pairs of related issues that need to be unpacked when working with individuals to promote team harmony.

  1. Candour and trust. People will not be transparent or focus on issues that need mutual support and cooperation if they do not trust each other. This foundational concern may not manifest itself as explicit mistrust and a lack of candour is not necessarily overt dishonesty. People simply withhold from conversations where there is suspicion over how they will be received. Safety takes teams to the next level of harmony.
  2. Collaboration and temperament. Team members will commit to working cooperatively when safety inspires purposeful interaction. Consultants can assist with communication skills here, but it is generally helpful to analyse and understand the impact of personality styles and motivational differences on interests. Synergy needs promotion here to move to the next level of interaction.

More tomorrow.

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