Strength Under Control

bridle-double-2Meekness is a word that finds little currency in contemporary English. “Blessed are the meek,” Jesus said, according to one Bible translation. However, that same Bible then typically renders the same original word as ‘gentle’ elsewhere. Meekness, though, also implies humility. It is both and neither. When our life is yielded to God, we act with respectful consideration for others and demonstrate a humility and gentleness which suppress our natural instincts and even dial down the intensity of our spiritual ones. This is not compromise, but wisdom, and speaks of strength under control.

Natural instincts are curbed in horses trained with a bit and bridle. Their strength is restrained and their tendency to buck and bristle is curtailed. That strength might then be focused productively on a racetrack, generating speed for a purpose. Meekness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit who naturally promotes this similar tendency in us as we submit to his transforming power to change us for the better and to align our strengths for noble purposes that are more about God’s will and less about ours.

His strength in us will need our discernment so as not to impose ourselves insensitively. We apply or focus our strength and gifts for the enrichment of others, feeding what God wants to do, through us and for them, but only as they are ready to receive it. This requires humility and gentleness so that our impact considers the betterment of people where they are at, with less regard for how we might appear or feel.

This is not to say that we are not important, but we can simply allow the best we have to adapt appropriately to the needs of others in a servant-hearted manner reflective of Christ who lives in us when we are regenerated by Him.



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