Me, a Leader? – Part 2

leadership buttonMany people’s lives and leadership are well aligned to a bigger picture purpose, so should this necessarily have anything to do with God? Well, why not? Opinions preferring a godless existence over a godly one are devoid of supporting evidence and therefore just as religious in nature (there are plenty of searchable topics on defending a Christian worldview on this website). Other religions are significantly and substantively different, too, and only Christianity moves from offering guiding principles to providing a transforming relationship, one that offers freedom and grace with eternal life that is found in surrender to Christ alone. But, what has that got to do with leadership?

When our life is aligned to a godly mission and purpose, we find that our priorities change. So, too does our influence. And if leadership is influence, then it necessarily and naturally flows from a burning passion to make our life count for something God-given and Spirit-inspired.

We not only lead better, but lead more naturally. We do it spontaneously and fruitfully, without any consideration for why we wouldn’t want to step up for God. Naturally we lead in accordance with our unique gifts, our opportunities and our abilities. But it is a matter of where we lead and what that leadership looks like. There is no ‘if’ about it.

For me to be made righteous – or given ‘right standing’ with God – I have been gifted eternal life which begins now, not for me to enjoy alone, but also to share. I have a relationship with the eternal and all-powerful God who equips me to lead optimally with an infusion of grace. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13).

In a sense, anyone who finds their life purpose and connects it to their gifts and strengths will be excited and effective enough to lead well. But only God can add that third dimension of eternal impact and purpose that maximises our reach and filters out life’s inconsequentials.


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