Lindy and Forgiveness

Lindy ChamberlainIt was a privilege to host Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton and her husband Rick at our church on the weekend and to hear her inspiring and redemptive story of forgiveness after being acquitted for the murder of her baby Azaria for which she had served three years’ jail time.

Her story gripped the nation in the 1980s as she lived through a series of unimaginably horrific events. Her ability to rebuild her life was in no small way due to her faith in a God with whom change is possible. More than just choosing an attitude, Lindy’s testimony is that God’s power of forgiveness gives us true freedom as it releases us from “the tenant in our heads”.

Lindy powerfully declared that it is not God who abandons us or brings misfortune. Rather, He is available to help us move forward from life’s injustices and inadequacies. Just as a loving father could forgive his son’s imperfections and indiscretions because of love, too, so God loves us irresistibly, no matter what we have done. He also loves us through and beyond what has been done to us by others.

In the end, our blame of God or people can become a convenient scapegoat for hurts and offences which are sadly, at times, perpetrated in the name of Christianity. A genuine faith, however, centres on the unconditional love and grace of a God who offers salvation from the sin and limitations of this life as a free gift which we must choose to accept. That salvation is Jesus plus nothing and receiving His life and living in its power is what makes us truly free.


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