In a Flap

bird feetAn ornithology professor had been teaching his students how to identify Australian birds and pulled a surprise test. Twelve large stuffed specimens were standing on the desk of his lecture theatre with bags over their heads. He then asked the students to write the names of each species merely by looking at their legs and feet and said that the test would be worth one third of their semester assessment.

A student in the front row was clearly agitated. He stood to his feet and threw his pen to the ground as he complained that this was a ridiculous task and that it wasn’t fair to have such a heavy weighting on a task that he couldn’t properly have prepared for.

Annoyed at being challenged so abruptly, the lecturer turned to the student and demanded to know: “And what is your name?”

The student promptly rolled up one leg of his trousers and sarcastically suggested, “Well, how about you tell me?!”


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