Collateral Thinking

rollsA blonde walks into a large bank’s main city branch and asks to borrow $5,000 for her upcoming holiday. “Sure,” says the loans officer, “but we’ll need some collateral.” The woman hands over her car keys and says, “You can take my Rolls Royce.” Startled, he asks its value and is told that it is worth $400,000 and that she has the proof of ownership.

“You’re going to leave a $400,000 car to borrow just $5,000?” The woman nods as she takes the $5,000 and leaves, while the loans officer and bank manager park the car in their underground garage, having a laugh at her expense.

Two weeks later, the woman returns and pays back the $5,000 with $15 in interest and the manager asks, “Miss, since we found out that you are actually a multi-millionaire, we want to know why you would want to borrow just $5,000.

She replies, “Where else would I park in the city for two weeks for just fifteen dollars?”



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