nowVision casters can make mistakes and fall short of their high ideals, but painting pictures of new possibilities literally ‘canvases’ a ready can-do for those who do not yet see. Better sometimes to begin to empower and enact dreams than to wait for more details (or for them to materialise on their own)! There may be more genius in releasing and later editing a creative idea, than to leave an unfinished masterpiece on the drawing board believing it to be inadequate.

Many of the imperfect creations we catalyse through others are more significant in realising our leadership potential than those time-sapping tasks of our own individualism that inhibit true influence if coming from a prideful preference for what we can control or from an inability to recruit others.

Our search for significance finds fulfilment when we die to self and lay our lives down for the betterment of others. Our legacy may be in creative works of grandeur, but the test of their endurance will be in the quality of the lives of those we touch.

And there’s no better time to start touching people than now. We may not be trained sufficiently, free of other busyness, or as ready as we’d like to be, but the first steps in life’s big journeys can’t fall prey to procrastination or a resignation to the status quo. The time to act is now.


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