Opt In

OptMany subscriptions and payments contain certain fine print extras, such as supplementary costs that people need to ‘opt out’ of. The so-called voluntary contributions or cross-promotional mail requests are often hidden surprises that people would much rather ‘opt in’ to by choice rather than by default. And when it comes to matters of eternity, this is exactly what we need to do; opt in.

To believe that life brings a package deal of automatic access to eternity by virtue of being a ‘good person’ is deceptive. The Bible teaches that the gift of salvation is available to all but not accessed by all. Many use their own self-comforting logic to determine that a God of love would not opt them out of salvation, but He doesn’t anyway. This misunderstands the problem and the solution. The fact is that we need to opt in or else we opt ourselves out!

If we have all been separated from God by sin (Romans 3:23) with the penalty of eternal death (Romans 6:23) then we need to personally accept Christ’s sacrifice (Romans 10:9,10) by which we are given a relationship with God that otherwise remains broken (2 Corinthians 5:21).

The Gospel is the Good News that God provided a way of escape for human sin into which we were inevitably born. God therefore enables us to opt in, but we have to chose to do so. To opt in means we actually seek a life in Christ who therefore becomes Lord as well as Saviour.

So, have you opted in?


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