March for the Babies

ultrasoundOn Sunday, a “March for the Babies” was held to protest against abortion. The number of foetuses killed each year in Australia approximates the number of seats in the MCG; around 100,000. This statistic doesn’t faze those who believe that human identity is somehow conferred only at birth. Yet this delineation is artificial when late-term babies are viable. Ending a late-term pregnancy when the baby can survive outside the womb is not the same as ending one several months earlier, but there would be no moral difference if life only begins at birth. So, if life is actually a continuum from the moment of implantation, then who really gets to play God and decide that there is a single point before which there is no moral culpability for abortion?

It is the outrage over these deaths which led thousands to march through Melbourne in what is now an annual event. However, tensions were heightened by pro-choice gate-crashers whose clashes with police actually heightened awareness of the plight of the unborn. Nevertheless, one could be forgiven for thinking, at first glance, that it was the pro-lifers agitating, in view of their disadvantage at law.

Legal provisions are, of course, afforded to those who are avowedly pro-choice (a misrepresentation that presupposes no rights for the unborn). In most cases, abortion is endorsed for reasons of convenience. Therefore, little concession is made for those who simply stand on the logic that termination is a mere euphemism for state-sponsored holocaust.

To defend the rights of known women against those of unknown babies requires legislating against the personhood of the latter, as if to therefore appease one’s conscience.  Further consolation for the plight of unwanted pregnancies (often in the face of adverse social considerations) infers that two wrongs will somehow make a right. Those who have later regretted an abortion know that this can never be the case, no matter how much they may be forgiven in the face of any genuine repentance.

In the end, of course, abortion advocates are the survivors of someone else’s choice that they might live and not die.

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