Strategic Thinking – Part 2

chessYesterday’s post introduced that value of strategy for intentionalising the things that we want and need to do for success. The danger is that we can plan to fail by failing to plan. Ideas need to become some sort of reality and, sometimes, just getting under way can see us permit ourselves to stop short of initial perfection to receive a result that ends up being a whole lot better than nothing! Consider these extra steps to effective strategic thinking.

3. Know what to measure. Success can often be linked to final achievement. If, however, it is measured in terms of small and significant wins, these can build momentum for ultimate achievement. Measuring the right outcomes can also avoid false accolades and distractions.

4. Use systems. These automate action routinely for a multiplying influence and bring consistent achievement which is then easier to measure. Growing businesses and organisations will leverage their success with systems that can be tracked, and also owned by key people or team leaders. Whatever we grow will grow us!

5. Reflect and readjust. Life is lived while we are busy rehearsing for a future that may never come. To constantly adapt to life, as needed, is to employ strategic thinking, rather than strategic planning. Planning is important, as long as it doesn’t overemphasise the optimism for the future at the expense of valuing the joy of the present.


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