What a Difference a Day Makes


Despite the new guidelines drastically restricting the relationship between churches and schools in Victoria, the Minister for Education revealed that these have gone too far and amended them yesterday! Whereas comments regarding religious activities outside the Special Religious Education held in classrooms were strongly prohibitive, considerable pressure from individuals and religious groups has undoubtedly urged this change. It is great to see that coordinated action from concerned people around our nation is still able to help preserve the values and foundations of a society that would look vastly inferior if not for the Christian heritage which has served it so well.

Nevertheless, the link to the regulations regarding religious activities outside SRI appears to be broken on the relevant website, despite this section being moved, so it remains to be seen what these will actually require or allow.

Of course, the anti-religious bias may not have been intended according to how the Education Minister read the regulations, but they were certainly intended based upon how someone else wrote the regulations. There was no mistaking their intent and to suggest otherwise seems to be some political opportunism that creates suspicion for those alarmed by what they had read over the past few weeks.



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