A Starting Disadvantage

stepWe can often feel defeated before we even start something. It may seem unfair that sickness, a disability, misrepresentation by others, or even a lack of money or time, can hamper our achievements. The problem is, though, that there will always be something. Life is unfair to everyone, but jealousy can have us look at what others have going for them without realising that we all have some sort of ‘starting disadvantage’ in life.

Being aware of those potential limitations still doesn’t mean we can do anything. Some physical conditions will limit athletic performance or certain career choices, for instance. Although the field of opportunity may become limited, we can still achieve great things. This is true in other areas and also applies to leadership development.

For someone a little overweight or lethargic, exercising and eating healthier may improve performance. Developing good ‘EQ’, in other words working on improving higher level relational skills, can also allow more complex people tasks and team dynamics to be undertaken.

Our blind spots, too, should require us to be open and accountable to mentors who love and know us and can therefore help eradicate a starting disadvantage that may, for example, relate to our upbringing or some annoying mannerism that we have not seen.

Rather than become discouraged or defeated, it can be helpful to identify our reasonable opportunities, to get greater insight as to our starting disadvantages and to then use them as a stepping stool to rise to greater heights, rather than allow them to become a hurdle of limitation.


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