Standing Alone

paperPolitical correctness infiltrates society so strongly that virtually no person holds a prominent media position today without conforming to socially acceptable opinions and values. Light-hearted and serious current affairs television or talkback radio seem to match the predictable relativism of most print media in condemning absolute truth and in scoffing at values that have underscored the successful development of Western society.

Bible-believing Christians are generally regarded as a moralising minority, consigned to the lunatic fringe by those supposedly enlightened by science and sense. This is despite science’s gaping holes and insufficiency and the clear lack of sense and logic that often emanates from those invoking intuition and opinion in their emotive and irrational arguments that defend the new religion of ‘whatever-ism’.

Clearly, a lack of reverent fear of God presupposes for many that Christianity is an ignorant superstition. It is insidiously simplistic to assert that ‘modern’ is to be equated with ‘advanced’ and that ‘educated’ is akin to ‘intelligent’ when solutions to life’s problems merely assume a preference for atheistic absolutes. This is despite the privileges, laws and systems valued in our society being built upon a Judeo-Christian heritage, anyway. To stand alone, even with rational argument, is to be isolated and estranged when standing for a God who is cast aside by a majority unmoved by the plausibility of His existence.

Christians need, more than ever before, to be clear about their faith and what the Bible does and does not teach, so as to bring its powerful message of grace to a world in need of the good news of a God of love who is often too quickly and conveniently rejected along with His readily-misunderstood Scripture. This new kind of pathos invites others to feel and respond to real love in an otherwise love-starved world.

Intellectualism will not counter a spiritual void that remains unfilled if Christians simply assume the high ground of moral superiority. My heart breaks for a world that is catapulting toward an eternal abyss of self-inflicted judgment as a cost of its Nihilism. I am nothing without Christ and only made better because it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.

There is a good God who waits patiently for all, with a gift of salvation through Christ. He asks for radical discipleship, unqualified surrender and dedicated submission of the will, all of which bring the compelling discovery of true life which shines with incomparable brightness within the materialistic and vacuous alternatives this world offers. That is the life which Christ came to give to the full, the beginning of an eternity found only as He takes the throne of our lives and truly takes His place as Lord.


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