carThis joke is an old one, but I was reminded of it via a Melbourne newspaper this week.

A lawyer proudly drives his new sports car down the freeway, but has to pull over to deal with a flat tyre. He opens his door but, just as he starts to climb out, he gets hit by a passing truck. The accident completely rips the door off the car and attracts the attention of a passing policeman.

The tirade of abuse and complaint about the injustice of having his pride and joy destroyed earns a quick rebuke. “You lawyers are all the same,” says the policeman. “You are so obsessed with material things, that you don’t care about anything else.”  He continues, “In your case, this has actually blinded you to the fact that the truck driver ripped your arm off, too!”

“Oh, no!” cries the distressed lawyer, “My Rolex…”



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