Front Foot – Part 1

starsOne of the greatest attributes that kids can have for getting along with others is a positive self-image that gives strong confidence in the face of schoolyard bullying. Not much changes in adulthood, except that people hide their intimidation behind a veneer of respectability or rationality. Atheists often lack the intellectual honesty to admit what ironically amounts to a faith-based ideological preference that is backed by alleged evidence, but the holes and omissions of which are plugged by bravado and belligerence. In actual fact, getting on the front foot with simple questions and comebacks can expose the significant lack of evidence or substance to the biased beliefs that conveniently underscore a godless life that loves its limited accountability.

For example, those pointing to evolutionary evidence against a belief in God scoff at any suggestion that the Second law of Thermodynamics implies a running down, and not a building up, of life. They say that the Earth is an open system so that it takes in solar energy to enable evolution to advance life, but they miss the vital fact that there is no proof for the existence of any mechanism for harnessing such energy to turn inanimate chemicals into life! Famous experiments that supposedly produced amino acids by sparking gases thought to be in the early Earth’s atmosphere merely produced…amino acids; building blocks for life, but still non-living chemicals.

Atheists conveniently combat reasonable defences of the Bible by Christians with a dismissal of its transformative power as mere coincidence and then a rejection of its authority with an unwillingness to acknowledged plausible explanations of alleged discrepancies or errors (see the previous series of posts, ‘Believable’). This action is intellectually dishonest and needs to be confronted as a convenient crutch for those unwilling to accept accountability to God. Of course, no-one can absolutely prove God exists to the satisfaction of a sceptic, but no-one can disprove Him either to those with a mind that is open enough to consider the evidence that strongly advocates for His existence.


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