Raise the Cross

Ken Duncan CrossIn hosting world-famous landscape photographer, Ken Duncan, at our church on Australia Day, we were impacted by his passion for Christ.  His many stories of changed lives, supernatural healings, even one girl raised from the dead were inspiring. A further miracle has been the subject of recent publicity surrounding his desire to see a gigantic $1.2 million, 20 metre cross on top of Hat Hill near Alice Springs.

Some have suggested that he is merely using his fame and name to push his views onto local people for publicity. This is not only untrue but impossible. The Central Land Council who represent Aboriginal people in central Australia, have approved this construction. This is because, in seeking out the opinions of local people, they not only find no objection to it, but have three Aboriginal elders affirming that it is the will of their people to build a cross on their land!  The photo here is of an aboriginal woman’s depiction of it. So, Ken Duncan is merely trying to assist these people to achieve what they want (for more on this, including a video promo, see here). He has walked with them for many years and has built a relationship of trust which is now helping them to achieve there dream which has flowed from decades of local Christin worship which dates back even further.

Of course, what the Cross represents to Christians all around the world is significant here, the proclamation that Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead to be our Lord as well as our Saviour. The cross will light up at night and give the impression of being elevated in the sky to make a great statement about lifting up Christ in the heart of the nation.

Just as Ken Duncan seeks to make the dream of others become a reality, we can all be empowered by dreams that are in the mind’s eye long before anyone else can see them.  That’s what faith is!  And believing is seeing, not the other way around.  When that belief is grounded in what God says to us as His children, then we can live with greater certainty because of a confidence that He does not lie so His Word will prevail. What a great perspective to take into 2014.


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