Alignment – Part 2

Row of hydro electric towers Quebec CanadaAlthough everyone needs a weekend (or something similar during the week if they don’t get one), weekends can be a pressured time of competing demands. This, and Sunday work, has led to a drop off in church attendance in recent decades. However, when the principle of a Sabbath is employed by Christians, it requires us to not only think of it as a day of rest, but as a day of worship.

Though the New Testament absolves us from legalism, the principle is valid that there is a day of the week that needs to be allocated to prioritising worship (even though, in a sense, the Christian’s whole week is a life of worship). It is easy to squeeze church services out when family want to catch up or when there’s a home maintenance project on the go, but we all make time for what is important to us.

Long before I was a minister, I prioritised going to church every week of the year because the principle was important. Nothing would get in the way. Some projects waited, some weren’t even started, some friends were not happy, and some sport did not happen, but church was never missed because God comes first. And church, good or bad, fun or otherwise, involves giving as well as receiving, where we invest into others, where we give worship, where we make ourselves vulnerable and available. Our kids learn, too, to give their time and money to what is important and we then make it a point of ongoing discussion and interest throughout the week. Our heart will be where our treasure is invested (Luke 12:34).

Even for those working on Sundays, there are options such as small groups and maybe other service times. Personal or family worship is still valid for most holidays or times of mild illness. Mum or dad can easily lead their family in godliness, to not only set the example for their kids, but to personally live life in alignment with what matters most.


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