Halloween CandyIt’s bad enough that this Halloween night of trick-or-treating is rising to prominence through commercial pressure, but when it is advocated by Christians on the pretext of offering a chance to connect meaningfully with our neighbours I must protest. Not, of course, with the sharing of one’s faith which may well occur, but with the contrived excuse to indulge in a pagan tradition that has become synonymous with witchcraft and occultism. Satanists must be laughing with a mixture of disbelief and delight.

I am not about to dignify the offending comments by referencing them but, suffice to say, they are a cheap justification for social interaction in a context that is inherently anti-Christian.  Not that the majority of participants see this or even care. That’s not the point. But surely any occasion that originates in practices and sentiments opposed to one’s core beliefs must, at the very least, be off-limits on the basis of logic. Yet not to many Christians in the USA, it seems.

I might be considered a wowser, but if this is because of having the sense and perspective enough to avoid indulging in a practice that is so ostensibly connected to witchcraft, I’ll wear that. Halloween may be culturally entrenched enough to impose significant pressure on Christians considering resistance, but people are hardly vilified to any notable degree for merely defending their beliefs. That some parents could condone sending their children to strangers’ homes unaccompanied, too, and to then also condone the criminal behaviour and gross inconvenience of ‘egging’ homes also staggers me.

Relativised values sometimes reflect a society in which there has been a prevalent atheistic overreaction to historical shortcomings and perceived hypocrisies amongst Christians. So, no-one would deny the building of bridges back to the hearts of the hurting.  But for Christian people to realistically bring hope and healing to a fractured society, it must surely accompany the very real presence of Jesus walking that bridge from a life so transformed by His love as to reveal a compelling qualitative difference.

Otherwise, the trick-or-treating Christian has a pretty ‘hollow’-e’en’!


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