Film Score

??????It’s been quite noticeable in recent years that the number of MA-rated movies has increased to the point that they are rivalling M-rated movies in number. This means films that include high-level coarse language, violence or sex scenes, are becoming standard fare for those looking for entertainment but finding an increasingly small pool of cleaner films to choose from. These movies are presumably ones that the public want, or are prepared, to see or they wouldn’t be made, yet the censors can surely take some responsibility for setting better standards. After all, they used to. It’s a classic case of the ‘frog in the kettle’, maybe ‘death by a thousand cuts’!

Surely we don’t need to be assaulted by the steady diet of filth coming out of Hollywood every time we want to be entertained.  Of course, we don’t, because we can choose not to watch, or can limit ourselves to the current and older films that have cleaner standards. I am, however, disturbed by the number of M-rated films that have significant amounts of obscene language and offensive blasphemies, not to mention their causal disregard for purity.  I am not really content to just accommodate these with a different and more tolerant attitude as if to suppose that I am above being adversely affected by them (advertisers spend billions because they know differently). The advice of Philippians 4:8 is instructional here: “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things”. Dare I say that the main reason why many people would struggle with my stance is because their own response has been sedated.

Prude that I am, I have never seen an R-rated movie. I have only ever seen a few MA ones (such as ‘Braveheart’) and won’t even watch many M-rated (and even some PG-rated) films due to taking a personal stand to shield myself from their immorality as much as possible. I will edit out language and sex scenes before allowing my children to watch certain movies, but mostly just avoid them altogether, even for myself.  I don’t consider myself self-righteous here and certainly don’t want to force my standards on to other free-thinking adults who can make their own choices by their own conscience. I just feel that we all draw a line somewhere and I want to be careful where I draw mine.

I also consider myself too busy to waste time on something which will do harm, anyway. Life is too short, too precious, and too full of opportunities to do great things for which there is a heavenly reward that really matters in that very, very long life called ‘eternity’. And every movie I choose to watch is also a choice not to do something else with my time!


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