Managing Change – Part 2

phoneThis week, someone suggested to me that being a praying Christian meant that he had more reflection and processing time built into his life.  He suggested that many of his friends don’t create such space and that they will then be forced to become more contemplative in the midst of a crisis.

Preventative maintenance is clearly more beneficial, and this is especially so in the midst of the staggering pace of change.  The pressure that comes with adapting to the variety and vastness of options that assault our brains each day is undoubtedly taking a physical and emotional toll on people. That’s all the more reason to detach at key times during the day and to preserve good sleep patterns, not to mention maintaining other health checks.

A great tool for me has been to spend some daily time in prayer.  Believing that God not only can, but wants to, speak to me has allowed me to position myself to listen to Him.  I keep a journal of my prayer time each day and the many insights I get to life and to myself through this vital renewing activity.  I have found that there is no better anchor in the midst of the winds of change that invariably blow through my life each day. To have a certainty and confidence in knowing what I must do and how I must adjust to life around me has been vital.

Why not consider working through the ‘PROCESS’ that is described in the tab ‘Hearing God Daily’ on this site?

A personal relationship with God is what changed my life. I’m sure it could change yours too!


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