Saviour and Lord

rockWhen Jesus told us that a wise man builds his house on the rock, many quickly (and rightly) note that the image of the rock is consistently used to denote Christ as the foundation of a godly life. Building on this rock, we are told, prevents us from being shaken during the floods and storms of life. However, Jesus also gives three vital keys to building that which cannot be shaken.  He says that the story merely illustrates those who come to Him, hear His sayings and put them into practice.  Building on Christ is not about a mental acknowledgment that He is Saviour, but a demonstration by devotion that He is also Lord.

When Christians practise ‘daily devotions’ they are doing more than just praying for needs. They are doing more than just praising God.  They are doing what Jesus says any disciple of His does. They come to Him, meaning that they ‘follow’ after Him because what He says about living life through the pages of the Bible actually matters. They hear what He says, because they are listening with the expectation that he will lift words from the pages of the Bible and drive them deep inside with conviction. They do what He says, because they live a submitted life in which control has been yielded to God because they truly understand what He has done to save their lives for all eternity.

Building on the rock is not about being secure on our own terms, but embracing His in a daily relationship of a practised faith in Jesus who is Saviour and Lord.


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