Understanding Yourself and Others – Part 1

Disc Profile 2The popular Myer-Briggs or DISC profiles are roughly built on the classical notion of there being four major personality types by which we can understand people’s strengths and differences.  Some have dangerously pigeon-holed friends and colleagues or have pre-determined their weaknesses on the basis of this profiling. Of course, we can all change, but we are also a blend of personalities, too, each of us quite unique. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that we can gain some generalised insights into why it is that people act the way they do for the purpose of better getting along. The following simple questionnaire should help to roughly profile ourselves quite helpfully.

Firstly, the DISC acronym summarises the traits: Dominant (also known as ‘Choleric’); Influencer (also known as ‘Sanguine’); Steady (also known as ‘Phlegmatic’); and Compliant (also known s ‘Melancholic’).  These are further described using the words below. There are 10 for each trait. Rate yourself from 1 to 5 for each, where ‘1’ is ‘not at all like me’ and ‘5’ is ‘very much like me’. Then add them up for each category and you will have a maximum score of 50 per trait. This will also show the approximate blend of personalities in you. The closer they are to each other, the more balanced you are, whereas the stronger one is, the more prone you are to display its typical strengths…and weaknesses. Remember, of course, that the ideal is to minimise those weaknesses, celebrate your strengths and pay attention to the good that can come from the traits less likely to be seen in yourself.

Dominant: Forceful, Direct, Daring, Competitive, Take Risks, Argumentative, Bold, Take Charge, Candid, Independent.

Influencer: Animated, Emotional, People-Orientated, Impulsive, Talkative, Fun-loving, Spontaneous, Optimistic, Cheerful, Enthusiastic.

Steady: Modest, Agreeable, Kind, Supportive, Cooperative, Patient, Stable, Peaceful, Loyal, Good Listener .

Compliant: Tactful, Consistent, Accurate, Perfectionist, Cautious, Logical, Organised, Conscientious, Serious, High Standards.

How did you go?  Which was highest? What does it reveal? How do others you know well compare? Does it suggest anything about how you might relate to them better?  We’ll unpack this a little more tomorrow.


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