heavens-gateThree friends die in an accident and arrive at the Pearly Gates where they are met by an angel who announces that they will be receiving transportation to get around Heaven.

The first’s record is looked up and he’s told that his life has been pretty bad.  “You may have become a Christian,” says the angel, “But you weren’t exactly perfect. You’re pretty lucky to get a bicycle.”

The second fares a little better.  “Not bad,” says the angel. “You didn’t mess up too often.  I’ll get you a coupe.”

The third is overjoyed when he’s told that he’s been the model citizen, faithful to his wife, full of good works and always considerate of others. He speeds off first in his new sports car.

So, the first two friends are surprised when the third is parked on the side of a street of gold as they catch up to him.

“We don’t understand,” they say. “You have the best transport of the three of us.  Why are you stopping already?”

He replies, “Catching my breath. I was a little shaken up. I just saw my wife on roller skates.”


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