Can’t Wait

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A guy enters a toilet block and finds a vacant cubicle.  As he sits down, he hears the man next door asking, “So how are you feeling?”

“Uh, ok I guess,” says the first guy, a little startled.

He then hears, “So when do you think you’ll be ready, then?” Thinking for a moment, he replies, “I’ll just be a couple of minutes if that’s alright with you.”

This is followed by, “That’s no good, we’ve got people waiting”. The first guy is exasperated and blurts out, “I can’t believe someone can’t get a few minutes peace, what’s the matter with everyone?”

Just then, the man asking the questions finishes his phone conversation, saying, “Just wait until I get out of here would you? There’s some idiot next to me answering everything I’m asking you.”


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