Managing Your Energy – Pt 1

energyGuarding our energy levels is just as important as guarding our time.  We can invest into slick processes and effective time management, but if we expend energy on the wrong things then this can eat away at us and diminish our quality of living and our overall effectiveness. This means more than just eating properly or exercising, as important as these are, but it relates to our choices, too. When confronted with a situation to which we must reply, we can adopt any number of options within a range of responses.

Someone is missing from a meeting and has phoned in sick; does our mind go to sympathy or cynicism?  Someone answers a concern we raise; do we take it on face value or do we interpret with suspicion?  Someone criticises us; do we retaliate or choose to stay positive?

Now we might say that a response depends upon the circumstances.  In the range of possible responses, though, choosing the more positive and gracious ones can be a ‘lifestyle decision’.  Our own health is increased when we opt to refuse to allow negativity and criticism to sap our energy and consume us with needless thoughts.

Why choose to believe something that may not be true or that we don’t know for a fact is true?  Why question people’s motives when we can’t know what they are? Why see the worst in people when much of what this is based on is interpretation and not fact?

Of course, some people may be negative and critical toward us, but our own response is our own choice.


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