Two Doughnuts on a PlateA guy decides to lose weight and tells his colleagues that he won’t be bringing donuts to the office any more.

Monday comes and in he walks with a box of donuts.

“What’s going on?!” his friends ask.

“Well,” he replies, “You know how the bakery is on the main street on my way to work. My attention was drawn to it as I was driving and I wondered if God was telling me it would still be alright to get the donuts. I asked Him, ‘Lord, if you want me to have the donuts, then please provide a parking space right in front of the shop.’ Well you know how busy it is there, I thought that a parking space right there would have to be from God.”

“And you got one?” they asked.

“Yes.  It was amazing,” he said, “Eighth time around the block and there it was.”



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