The Resurrection – Part 1

empty-tombVarious theories abound that try to explain the Resurrection away. There are problems with all of them, even though that means the Resurrection needs to be accepted by faith.  However, rejecting it needs a reason given that the implications are huge.  No Resurrection means no personal faith which means jeopardising eternity.

Some people want to suggest that Jesus was a mere man, where the Resurrection was just a story that arose to deify Him.  The reason for the story has been proposed as a lack of certainty (which exists to this day) over the precise location of the tomb, or simply a desire to combat Judaism and uphold the idea that Jesus was the promised Messiah. 

This is easily refuted because 1 Corinthians 15:6 suggests the existence of 500 witnesses to the post-resurrection Jesus and this was written at a time when most of these would have been alive to question if the Resurrection did not happen.

In addition, the disciples’ willingness to die for their belief in the historical fact of the Resurrection makes any fabrication highly improbable.

Also, the site of the tomb was known in New Testament times, since the women who saw the body being prepared knew its location, as did the Roman soldiers who guarded it with their lives.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at some other popular theories and why these also fail to disprove history’s most important event, one which allowed Jesus to conquer death and provide access to eternal life for all who would submit themselves to Him.



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