Quick Thinking

carA guy bought a new collectible car and wanted to open it up a little as he approached a straight stretch of road.  Just as he put his foot down for the first time in the new car, he noticed a police car pulling out and realised it was too late to save himself. Hanging his head in annoyance, he waited for the inevitable.

The police sergeant who approached the car, though, was on the last shift of his career. “This is the last night of my career”, he told the driver, “I’m in a good mood.  If you can come up with one good reason why you were doing 130km/hr in an 80 km/hr zone, I’m going to let you off.”

The driver thought quickly and then gave this reply to which he was waved on his way. “Well,” he said, “My wife ran off with a policeman last week.  And when I saw the lights flashing as you approached me, I was worried it was you…bringing her back!”


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