A Show About Nothing

KraussLast week’s Q & A episode, ‘A Show About Nothing’ aired on the ABC revealing enough bias and hostility toward the Bible’s Creation account from most of its presenters and audience that one could have been forgiven for imagining the bombastic Richard Dawkins was present.

It opened with theoretical physicist, Lawrence Krauss, answering a question about truth. He unbelievably alleged that science holds to truth and religion does not and that faith is incompatible with science, a deliberate polarisation that is itself untrue!  Science cannot explain the origin of the physical laws that permitted the beginning of the universe or the origin of life from inanimate matter.  To speculate about such matters (and to hypocritically denigrate Christians for invoking a so-called ‘God of the Gaps’ to account for what Science does not yet know) is to resort to faith of a different kind.  This is because of a framework of belief that has rationalised God away, despite evidences for His existence, including countless healing miracles and the many evidences for the historicity of the Bible.

On the other hand, the Christian historian panelist, John Dickson, rightly observed that Science is a neutral pursuit to which ethics is consciously applied. Scientists often overstate the boundaries of their work to endorse their atheistic beliefs. Most hearers readily accept their views due to tacit endorsement of their expertise (even though this is nearly always in a very narrow discipline of Science).

People cannot suppose that Christianity (or any other religion) is invalid because of the existence of bad ethics and practice in numerous adherents. One must question the extent to which these occurrences truly represent Christianity, anyway.  One is not a Christian, then, simply because he says he is.  One is not necessarily able to assert that Science can explain the origins of life in the absence of scientific proof just because he says he can, either!


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