Clever Dog

dogA butcher just finished serving a customer and noticed a dog in his shop.  He went to send it out, but noticed it had some paper in its mouth and insistently nudged forward as if to want the butcher to take it.  It was a folded list of items with a $20 note inside. Going along with this, the butcher made up the order and place the handles of the bag of meat in the mouth of the dog which promptly left.

Fascinated, the butcher followed the dog and noticed it lifting its leg to summon a bus to stop.  The dog climbed aboard and the butcher ran after it, catching up at the first stop.  At the second, the dog got off and walked a few doors to a house.  Going to the front door before walking to a side window and banging its head on the window, the dog was then met by a large man who began abusing the dog and swearing at it. 

The butcher ran up and stopped him, asking what on  earth he was doing.  “Do you have any idea how clever this dog is?” he asked.  “He should be on TV.”  The owner replied, “Are you serious? This dog’s not clever.  That’s the second time he forgot his key this week!”


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