Fifty Bucks

350px-Bristol_F2B_D8096_flying_1Fred and Edna went to the town fair every year.  And every year, they would get into an argument when Fred said he wanted them to take a ride in an old plane. “No Fred”, said Edna, “It’s twenty-five dollars a ticket and that means fifty for us, but fifty bucks is fifty bucks.”

One year, Fred and Edna were at it again but, this time, the pilot overheard them and Edna’s defiant “Fifty bucks is fifty bucks.”  He said, “I tell you what, I’ll take you both up for free if you agree to one condition.”  “What’s that?” asks Fred.  “Just don’t speak. One word and you pay me the fifty bucks.”

“Agreed,” said Fred, much to Edna’s horror as they both climbed into the plane. After a fifteen minute ride, the pilot landed and walked up to Fred, shaking his hand.  “You did well”, he said. “I tried barrel rolls and loops and every kind of twist and turn and yet you didn’t speak once.”

“Got pretty close when Edna fell out”, replied Fred, “But fifty bucks is fifty bucks!”


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