Leadership Mistakes – Part 3

leadership buttonWith this post, we complete the list from Hans Finzel’s popular book The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make.  Applying these to our world maximises our effectiveness and leverages our influence.

8. Missing the clues of corporate culture. Corporate, here, means ‘collective’. To defy culture and values is to run against the grain. Change may be needed in your world, but to ignore the impact of culture is to pick a fight and discretion is the better part of valour. To change values may be needed too, but this needs collective grappling with what is needed so as to ensure harmony in the transition to a healthier future.

9. Success without successors. Holding on for too long can create damage and may even suggest poor mentoring.  None of us is as irreplaceable as we think. Mentoring raises leaders who take increased responsibility that will one day facilitate leadership transition whilst offering shared and amplified vision along the way. Creativity is promoted and enhanced as we lead through and with others.

10. Failure to focus on the future. Related to succession planning is the need to plan for the outworking of a vision with the needs of the years ahead in mind. This is true even in smaller settings if you believe sufficiently in your cause. This requires adaptation to current trends and effective strategic planning.  Sometimes, just budgeting time to think assists with the required goal planning. To ignore the future is to fail as a leader.

One of the reasons we easily make these mistakes, of course, is because we end up being so busy in the work of leadership that we don’t do enough on the work of leadership. Avoiding these mistakes can help to provide the intentionality required to safeguard a healthy influence for the ultimate benefit of everyone concerned.


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