A soldier is given the task of promoting an insurance policy at a training academy for new recruits.  His supervising sergeant watches as he passionately insists that they need to pay hundreds of dollars to buy up quickly on the off-chance that they could die in battle. Predicatbly, no-one takes him up on the offer.

The sergeant offers some advice.  “Motivation, soldier,” he barks.  “You’ve got to use the right motivation!”

After another failed attempt, the sergeant intervenes.  “I’ll show you how it’s done,” he says, walking to the front of the group for their next session.

“Men”, he begins, “You have been offered some life insurance. You have, until now, declined.  But just consider this. The government will need to pay thousands of dollars to the family of anyone who dies with one of these policies. When you graduate, you will all be sent into a war zone. Which soldiers do you think the government will insist be put in the front lines of battle?”

Needless to say, every recruit immediately signed up for life insurance!


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