Constructive Conflict – Part 2

Yesterday, we started examining steps to making our conflict constructive and said that avoidance and the use of technology seldom sort anything out, they just make problems worse. here are a few other tips that typically help us to turn conflict into a positive outcome for us and others.

3. Be clear what you hear. Some people think face-to-face meetings are a waste of time if they are not being heard.  We can’t dictate how another person should behave, but we can ensure that we listen properly.  Many times, people have a completely different take on what is actually said, because they are hurt, prone to offence or just hear selectively.  Accusations of lying may follow, yet few people directly lie in such circumstances, they just misunderstand and misjudge comments.

4. Talk again.  Related to being clear what you hear is the need to clarify with further conversation. It can take several meetings to clear the air because, when emotion is involved, you may well need to address one issue at a time.

5. Keep the goal in mind. It is easy to be distracted by facts and feelings, but if the overall goal is resolution, then this needs to remain the focus throughout a conflict resolution process. Ignoring secondary issues, sacrificing battles to win the war, and rising above what you feel, can all be hard but are typical steps in making your conflicts constructive steps for mutual growth and relationship preservation.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s final post on this issue.







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