Man Up

Guys are popularly told to ‘Man Up’ these days, but what is meant is open to interpretation.  How to be more of a man but less overbearing in the process, is perhaps not always that easy a decision.

It might be fair to say that manning up has little to do with avoiding tears.  Prominent sportspeople and Prime Ministers have been prone to shed a tear.  It also surely has nothing to do with what you drink, knowing that many a young man has been prepared to imbibe a little of the amber fluid for the sake of the adulation of his peers, even though he doesn’t really like the taste.

Manning up is sometimes about taking a proactive stance in the household instead of a reactive one.  It is about daring to lead in a way that can still be respectful of other family members, but which takes initiative because there is respect.  No self-respecting man could ever abdicate on that issue since there is too much at stake.  A guy provides the stabilising influence and confidence that reassures his family that everything is OK.  To defer to a wife, for example, as if to want her to set the tempo and the boundaries in life is to deprive her, and therefore the whole family, of the gift of his leadership.  Again, everyone needs to be considered and respected, but a guy sometimes just needs to trust his instincts, know that he is needed, and rise from the comfort of his all too familiar place in the back seat of family life.


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