Leading Yourself

Andre Agassi perplexes me. He’s made $100 million from tennis and says that he hated the sport! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been that successful at what I’m not enjoying!

Now, although he disciplined himself to play tennis well enough to twice be the best player in the world, he said that he chose to apply himself the second time, but felt pressured into it the first time. He was also pretty easily led into his drug taking that he then apparently lied about and got away with.

Agassi was raised by a controlling father who probably impacted his ability to withstand pressure off the tennis court in his early adult life. But it is not as easy to see the harm in being a follower, rather than a leader, when you avoid the consequences for your actions and when riches and fame cloud vision. Being any kind of a success in life involves making right choices about how to think and act when the pressure to conform to wrong choices is all around us. We may not have the mask of money that Andre enjoyed, but we can have our own avenues to escapism.

Our lives can be affected by adversity, poor parenting, or abuse by others, yet these can’t remain excuses for wrong choices if we want to take control of our lives. Some people simply refuse to be undermined by what others do or have done to them, no matter how hard that may seem.


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