Leadership’s Three Legs – Part 1

There are three important elements of leadership that are essential for anyone wanting to influence well.  If any of these are not optimised, the leadership is like sitting on a three-legged stool with a faulty leg.

Of course, people are not only who we lead, but who leadership is for.  Therefore, people are not one of the legs of the stool, so to speak, but the purpose for which the stool is created.  People can’t sit well in life when a leg is not strong.  Each leg exists for people and not in spite of them!

The first element of leadership is the ability to see.  It is that visionary capability that perceives with the eyes of faith those possibilities that others miss.  At the age of three, my son could not appreciate a spectacular view of the Blue Mountains that the rest of my family enjoyed, but was more excited by the puddles in which he was splashing at the time.  Immaturity is like that, and good leaders are able to lift people’s sights higher to see what they could not otherwise see. Of course, Proverbs 29:18 rightly shows that without vision, people live carelessly, or without restraint.  Lives are lived with focus when people are able to see for themselves a better reality to which they are prepared to align themselves for the greater good.  Good leaders define that reality and inspire belief in new possibilities so that everyone wins.

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