Margins – Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at the fact that margins protect us from damage which often comes from real, but unacknowledged, risks.

For example, when we rush about on the road, lane swapping and nudging our speed beyond the legal limit, we may well be legitimately pressed for time.  What would be lost, though, by leaving home earlier or by shortening that prior meeting a few minutes?

The stress of the road journey and the risk of the ticket (or accident!) is surely not worth the few minutes less sleep or conversation.  Also, by using a hands-free kit to make relaxed phone calls, time can be optimised without the external pressure of rushing to make a deadline.

Consider what we do with food.  No time to prepare a proper lunch or make breakfast, we can too easily buy snacks because we’re hungry or spend money that our budget won’t (or shouldn’t) allow.  This is aside from the extra time spent at food queues (even if the eating time can productively be spent in a lunch meeting or in some battery-recharging solace). Routines that see us wisely invest a little time, save us unnecessary angst and disorder elsewhere in the day. This is a part of managing energy levels, rather than just time, in an age in which we so often need everything working in our favour to minimise the stresses we find ourselves under.

By insuring ourselves against living too close to the edge in life, we can more easily look after ourselves for the long haul.  How can you build protective time, money or other margins into your day to alleviate anxiety and buffer against breakdown?

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