Better Public Speaking – Part 1

Yesterday, we looked at the fact that great public speakers make people ‘feel’ their inspiration.  History’s greatest speeches and speakers have, in almost all areas of life, enhanced their content beyond defining mere knowledge and action to capturing the hearts of their hearers. Here are a few tips for sharpening speeches that others have found helpful.

1. Tell stories.  People’s stories (and preferably your stories) will make your points ‘live’ if they illustrate the keys to action that you are trying to convey. Funny lines can also sometimes soften people to the reception of key points of application that then follow.

2. Speak from the heart. No notes or minimal notes is best, but what matters most here is that people feel the emotion and passion as if you have internalised your message and it has gripped you first. This will be evidenced with great body language and intonation as people sense your urgency.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at another couple of keys that can transform your speaking and add that extra level of impact.


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