Hiring Stars

Many organisations succumb very quickly to the temptation to hire, poach or recruit stars to join their team.  This often arises from the need to fill a vacancy.  It sometimes works well, but it often does not.  The reasons are often complex, but may well be related to the ‘Peter Principle’ that we examined yesterday.

Of course, some people need plenty of support and understanding, either because of needing to properly understand a new environment or because of coincidental personal difficulties.  Occasionally what seems a coincidence might actually be a type of withdrawal or depression connected with leaving friends and colleagues in a previous team.

Nevertheless, what is often missed is the fact that a person seldom shines alone.  Their appeal is very much connected to the fact that they have been supported by a uniquely blended team of people, whether as colleagues, subordinates or superiors. Those people have each contributed their own gifts and roles to shaping the person in question.

And given that you can’t usually import a whole team, it is worth considering the risk associated with hiring a star and evaluating whether ongoing training and vision-casting might avoid you overlooking some local diamonds-in-the-rough!


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