Vamp This

For many years, I have enjoyed playing piano and keyboards, whether live, in practice or through recording.  This has not only been a creative outlet but a means of using my gifts in a worship context, having been actively involved in church music since childhood. Some of the greatest joy in creating responsive atmospheres for people has been in transcending the mere singing of songs so as to allow people some expressive space in which a well-crafted musical atmosphere can provide a spiritual experience.  Here are some simple chord progressions (maybe more useful for those who follow music!) that I have utilised over the past couple of decades.

I – VI minor – II minor – V  (e.g. C – Am – Dm – G) – can replace II minor with IV and the V with IV over a V bass (IV/V).

I – IV – V – IV  (e.g. C – F – G – F) – can use a I bass throughout for variety.

I – V/I – IV – V (e.g. F – C/F – Bb – C) – can replace the 4th chord with IV minor on bVI and bVII bass for variety.

I – IV / I alternating, then I / III – IV & I / V – IV / V  (e.g. E – A/E, E/G# – A, E/B – A/B) – actually very simple and powerful.

I – III minor – IV – V  (e.g. G – Bm – C – D) – ascending, so can build momentum.

I – I/bVII – IV9/VI – V  (e.g. C – C/Bb – F9/A – G) – can swap V for IVmin / bVI to vary.

I minor – bVII – VI – V  (e.g. Fm – Eb – Db – C)  – can seem sombre, but is very expressive, probably best not over-used.

These are some of the best – ramp the vamp!

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